Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What Makes Us Unique?

We have been serving patients in Long Beach and the surrounding areas for over 30 years! We consider dental health to be an integral part of overall good health. Our practice philosophy is to provide dental education and treatment, as well as orthodontics, for children, teens, and those with special healthcare needs. We believe that good dental health can instill a sense of well-being, provide a lifelong smile, and promote good overall health.
Dr. Santos Cortez, Dr. Estela Sanchez, Dr. Ana Planells and Dr. Gabriela Cervantes, as well as our team, are committed to supporting and educating our patients to care for their teeth and gums and help in the prevention of dental disease. We strive to achieve this goal in an environment that is soothing and welcoming to both parents and children of all ages.
What Sets Us Apart?
We offer pediatric dentistry and orthodontics for children, teens, and patients with special healthcare needs. With years of education, hands-on training, and experience, our doctors and staff are uniquely able to meet the specific dental needs of our young patients.
We utilize digital radiographs and the latest digital impression technology, which allows us to take digital molds for appliances and retainers without the goopy, messy material used in the past.

Our dental and orthodontic charts are digital, which allows for better communication with other dental and medical doctors. This reduces the number of X-rays patients undergo, and improves communication between providers, which leads to better care.
Make your child’s visit special!

As a new patient, your young child will receive a personalized book with his or her name and the name of the dentist. This book is kid-friendly and leads young children through their first dental visit and introduces them to, the dentist, dental staff, and some tools they will see during their visit. Read this to your child before his or her first visit to ease any fears.

We have a No-Cavity Club Program to reward children who perform good oral hygiene and have no cavities whereby they get entered into monthly drawings for gift cards. We also have many fun contests throughout the year to keep kids engaged and have positive experiences when visiting the dentist.

Here when you need us!
The doctors at Pediatric Dental Specialists are on-call for after-hours emergencies, including holidays and weekends. In the event of an emergency, you may contact our office to page the doctor on call, and expect to hear back within 30 minutes. The doctor will discuss the emergency over the phone and determine what action needs to be taken. Some emergency require seeing the patient in the office, other situations may be handled over the phone.

Giving Back to Build Healthy Communities

At Pediatric Dental Specialist, we believe that giving back is essential to building healthy communities. This month we are supporting the non-profit organization From Maddi’s Closet! Every time you check-in with us at our office, a donation is made to From Maddi's Closet. Benefiting children with cancer at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and beyond; bringing love, hope, and joy into their lives and their families.

“From Maddi’s Closet is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that supports families through special projects, providing funds for hospital staff for children with special needs not being met by other assistance programs, raising public awareness, and supporting pediatric cancer research.

From Maddi’s Closet was established in December 2004; two months after the loss of Madison in October.  Madison had battled bravely for eleven months, living nine months longer than her initial prognosis.  During these eleven months, she quietly raised her family’s awareness of the “sick children” around her, pointing out ones who had no one sitting by their bedside, or one who have been having an especially hard day.  Often she would take a toy with her when she went in for treatment and give it to a child who she felt needed something to play with.

Our projects are varied, ranging from distributing new toys and hand-made blankets to each pediatric cancer patient, sharing TLC gift bags with the tending moms, and sponsoring a Craft Play Day in the cancer ward.

The funds raised by From Maddi’s Closet are used to support the special monthly projects and response to special needs through financial donations to the Pediatric Cancer Ward Emergency fund at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

Our dream is that there will be a “cure” that puts an end to children’s cancer.  We hold on to that dream and as we continue our journey, we work to support the medical community seeking better treatments and greatly improved mental and physical outcomes for these little patients.”

How can you join us in supporting From Maddi’s Closet?

Because we are a check-in 4 charity member, you can show support by simply checking-in on Facebook at our office. Each time you check-in, you participate in our donation to From Maddi’s Closet in May.

Learn more about the From Maddi’s Closet by visiting their website and social media at