Friday, June 14, 2013

10 Summer Water Safety Tips

As summer approaches, statistics show we spend more time outdoors participating in a wide variety of sports, a good portion of those are water sports, sprinklers, and swimming activities. Taking some simple safety precautions can make for great fun over the summer months.  Second to drowning accidents, more dental injuries occur to both kids and adults during this time. The National Safety Council states 75% of the injured will involve persons 19 years and under, and almost twice as many boys as girls will be hurt
Water related dental injuries
Many severe injuries result from falling on slippery walkways and decks and falling from diving boards and ladders. Diving and jumping into shallow water also are major causes of serious injuries, as well as swimming laps with eyes closed can lead to a fractured tooth by hitting the concrete wall at the end of the pool. The good news is that the majority of these injuries are preventable.

Here are 10 water safety tips to avoid dental and bodily injuries this summer:
    1. Walk, don’t run.
   2. Make the pool deck non-slippery as possible.
   3. Install barriers around the pool.
   5. Always swim with a buddy.
   6. Ensure that everyone in the family learns to swim well. 
   8.  Have young children or inexperienced swimmers wear life jackets.
   9. Cover the pool properly.
  10. Wear a custom-made mouth guard and goggles when diving to prevent dental trauma.
For more information about water safety speak with your dentist, pediatrician, or check out the  “Sun and Water Safety Tips” from the American Academy of Pediatrics .