Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Candy-Buy-Back and Coloring Contest 2012!

Halloween is just around the corner, literally! 
Check out your local neighborhood supermarket or pharmacy and you will see that the displays for Halloween are in full effect! This is a special time of year for kids and parents, myself included, as we look forward to the first time they are old enough to trick-or-treat and join in on the fun. 

Hard Candy and Braces are a Recipe for Disaster!

As an orthodontist, however, I await Halloween with trepidation as it causes havoc with the orthodontic appliances I so carefully placed. In our office, the days following Halloween are busy spent fixing many broken braces, broken bands and loose wires. I love candy as much as the kids do, but I ask my orthodontic patients to please follow some simple Halloween tips if they want to indulge.
  • Avoid sticky, chewy and hard candies. The best option for someone with braces is to stick to chocolate treats that do not have nuts or caramel. 
  • Brush your teeth after eating the candy.
  • Limit the enjoyment to one day! Eat what you want for the day and bring the rest to us and we will buy it back!
Fourth Annual Candy Buy Back Program!
Earn Money for Your Candy: $1 = 1 pound (Up to 50 pounds per child!)
Join us for our Fourth Annual Candy Buy Back program. Patients of our practice are eligible to participate. Just bring your candy during the week following Halloween and we will give you $1 for each pound of candy. We will buy back up to  50 pounds per child!

Help Support Our Troops with your candy donations
As in years past, we will donate the candy to local Veteran organizations who collect candy this time of year.

Don’t Trick-O-Treat? 
No problem! Participate in our Coloring Contest!
If you would like to join in on the Halloween fun, but do not trick-o-treat or avoid candy - no problem! You can pick up a coloring sheet in our office (or contact us so we can email it to you) and join our Halloween Coloring Contest. All the entries will be separated into 2 ages groups (those under 5 years, and those over 5 years) and we will choose 2 winners to receive $25 gift cards to TARGET.

We hope you will join our office in the fun! We look forward to your entries and see you after Halloween with your bags of candy!!